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Blood and Matzah

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The Immortal Press calls it: "The best book I've read in the past 1,000 years!"

-Ms. Lilith,
Cub Reporter


The Tepes Tattler:

"...a vampire love tale like no other. Shira and Avram are electric!"


"...a thumping good read!"
-The Bible Bee

"No comment."

-UVA Commission, as reported in The Great Guardian, Protector of All That is Sacred and Profane



"Anne Rice meets Dennis Prager meets Bridget Jones's Diary"
-The Daily Corpse



• International Late-Bloomer Award
• Tepes Tattler Award for ‘Most Realistic Portrayal of a Vampire or Vampires in a
Novel, Film, or Play’
• Best Book of 2017
-The Picayune Pulse - The Heartbeat of the Immortal World

Author Biography

Christine Brown is not ashamed to be proud to be from the Midwest where she really was a marching band geek who still reads the dictionary for fun. She lives in the middle of nowhere with her family, one zany Basenji, and a barn-sour Appy. This is her first novel.


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** You don't have to be Jewish to read it. But it couldn't hoit. **




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